Welcome to the Photo blog section of Pattaya Photos. Within the Pattaya Blog section you will find a selection of random photos take in and around Pattaya. You will find photographs taken of bars, girls, people, scenery and places of interest in and around Pattaya. It is planned to add new material on a regular basis. I hope you enjoy the photographs that are here.

Pattaya Halloween 2009

It was Halloween in Pattaya last night and there was plenty going on. There was a free concert at the junction of Beach Road and Pattaya Central Road (Pattaya Klang.) Beach road was more of less closed to traffic and taken over by pedestrians. Many stalls had been set up along the length of Beach Road giving a festive atmosphere. Likewise, Walking Street had much to see and there were many people around. The big Wat on Pattaya South Road (Pattaya Tai) also had a market. The festivities are likely to carry on over the next few days with Loy Krathong being on Tuesday.

These two lovelies were outside Club 23 on Soi 8 trying to get customers into the bar.

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Coconut Bar

The beach side of Beach Road has been referred to as the Coconut Bar. Many people walk along the path next to the beach. Some do it for exercise, others for to look at other people and others for a bit of fun. As you walk along the strip you will be offered everything for jet skis to boat rides to nearby islands. You can buy beer at a local 7eleven and soak up the true atmosphere of the Coconut Bar. Like many areas there are ladies waiting to entertain you if that is what you wish. It is a great place to spend some daylight time while you are in Pattaya.


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Pattaya Signs #2: Hair Laundry

Carrying on with the series of funny signs found in Pattaya here is an interesting business. Rather than being a spelling mistake this one is just poor word positioning.

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Pattaya Panorama

This panorama was produced by stitching two images using appropriate software. The images were taken from Pattaya Hill to the south of the city. It shows the city and the sweeping beach. For a larger version of the image see Pattaya Panorama and for more panoramas taken in Pattaya try the Pattaya Panoramas page on a different part of this website.

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New Simon Complex

The hew beer bar complex owed by the same people as the Simon Complex further down Walking Streetis now open. They didn’t spend a lot of time deliberating the name of teh new complex as it’s name is the New Simon Complex. The complex is full of flashy neon signs and has a modern feel to the place. There are many ladies waiting to take care of you. The biggest thing going for this complex is the location. The complex should do well.

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Soi Diamond Gogo Bars

There are quite a few gogo bars clustered together at the Walking Street end of Soi Diamond. This photo should Super Baby, Carousel and Paris gogo bars. The people out the front of these gogo bars are rather pushy trying to get people passing to enter their establishment. The will not physically drag you but they will shout and direct you into the bar by standing in your way and/or flashing lights at you.

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Corner Bar Soi 6

On the corner of Soi 6 and Second Road you will find the aptly named Corner Bar. It is a good place to have a relaxing beer prior to debauchery that is Soi 6. It is a particularly a good place to meet friends if you are coming from different places.

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Farang Dancer in Lucifer Disco

You have to laugh at some of the things that you see in Pattaya. This guy is very funny but I guess he is having fun and not hurting anyone. This video was taken in Ludifer Disco in Pattaya.

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Pattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating Market is located to the south of Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road.

The aim of the market is to capture the old way of Thai life. The constructions are made of teak. Items and food are available from the four regions of Thailand. The area is divided into four areas reflecting the represent four region of Thailand, namely North, Central, North Eastern and Southern. Many of the shops sell art and craft items.

For more photographs and information on Pattaya Floating Market see the Floating Market page on the main part of this website.

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Wat Intraram

Wat Intraram is located on Soi Khao Makok. Soi Makok is on the east side of Sukhumvit Road and east of the south end of Jomtien beach. Within the temples walls they have a small but busy market. It is known to some Thai peole (well at least to my girlfriend and her friends) that blessings here bring a lot of good luck.

I was informed that the building below had just been constructed at a cost of 3 million Baht.

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