Songkran 2010

Songkran is well and truly underway in Pattaya. Every time you step outside your door you risk being drowned. Some people love it others hate it.

There is no doubt that some people take it too far. Almost every time that it is taken too far it is a farang. They seem to great take great delight in drenching anyone who comes near them. Even those with small children, luggage and even those with obvious signs of injury are shown no mercy.

It is However a great experience and a must do event for anyone who enjoys Pattaya. These couple of photos were taken on Soi 8. They give some insight into the mayhem that occurs during the day during this festival.

If you do come for Songkran then please try to not follow the lead of the many farangs. It is probalby not a good idea to wet those going about their daily affairs. Small children should also be out of bounds. A lot of the bigger kids have a great time and the day should be from them. Even though I have seen it many times it is not a good idea to throw water in the face of someone riding a motorcycle.

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