Welcome to the Photo blog section of Pattaya Photos. Within the Pattaya Blog section you will find a selection of random photos take in and around Pattaya. You will find photographs taken of bars, girls, people, scenery and places of interest in and around Pattaya. It is planned to add new material on a regular basis. I hope you enjoy the photographs that are here.

Pattaya Beach Sunset

This photo was taken from Pattaya Beach showing a sunset.

Source: KayEss

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Friendship Market

Friendship Market is a supermarket on South Pattaya Road (Pattaya Tai) in Pattaya. It is a popular place to shop for foreigners as it stocks many imported items and farang-style food. If you are in Central Pattaya and in need of some foreign food it is the place to go.

Along with food items that you find in any large supermarket there is an upstairs area. This level stocks general house items and stationary.

Friendship Market is located on the south side South Pattaya Road about 100m beyond Tucom. You can get to it by walking from the corner of Second Road and it is not a long way to walk. There is parking at the front of the supermarket if you have your own transportation.

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Theme change

I am installing a new theme. Sorry if something is not working correctly.

Edited to add: Well that went a little smoother than I thought it would. Other than a small amount of text formatting everything looks OK. Please let me know if you find a problem.

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Pattaya Beach Panorama

This image shows Pattaya Beach arcing away all the way to North Pattaya. The image was captured from Pattaya Beer Garden near the Start of Walking Street. The scene was captured yesterday and shows the dark clouds commonly seen at this time of the year.  The image is the result of stitching together 3 images in special software.

Click the image for a larger version.

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Pattaya International Fireworks Festival 2010

Last night was the last in the Pattaya International Fireworks Festival. Despite recent heavy rain last night was comparatively dry. Many people crowded the beach and businesses with good views of the event.

The fireworks show was part of the second international fireworks festival. This year’s display is reputed to be the largest in Thailand’s history. As well as the competition fireworks display a extravagant display was made in celebration of the queen of Thailand’s birthday a couple of days earlier.

For the demostration Beach Road was closed to vehicle traffic both Friday and Saturday nights. This allowed many people to pack Beach Road near the display. I took a more relax route and enjoyed the show from Pattaya Beer Garden near Walking Street. It was a little further away but being able to sit with a beer and have a meal while enjoying the show was a great experience. Many people had the same idea.

Pattaya also puts on a fireworks display during the festive season with the show on New Years being the highlight. Maybe you would like to come and enjoy the next show?

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Soi Khao Noi Flood

Pattaya is well know for floods. Very often after extended periods of rain many busy areas in Pattaya become flooded. This is mainly due to the poor drainage system in Pattaya. It is quite common to see water coming out of drains!

The bottom end of Soi Khao Noi in East Pattaya (AKA Darkside) is one such area. This area becomes flooded very easily. On the 30th of April there was a short period of very heavy rain causing the flooding shown in the photograph below. The water was flowing very swiftly from the right to left. This swift flow brings with it a lot of debris this is left on the road once that water drains from the area. Fortunately the water drains quickly once the rain stops.

Also here is a short video of the same flood in the same area.

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Pattaya Signs #3

I think this Pattaya sign needs no explanation. It was located in the Wat on South Pattaya Road (Pattaya Thai). I guess many people were using it for purposes is was not designed for.

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Big Buddha Hill and the Big Buddha

To the south of Pattaya is Big Buddha Hill. On top of the hill sits the Big Buddha over-looking Pattaya and Jomtien. The Buddha is approximately 30m (100ft) high. The structure was constructed when Pattaya was still a small fishing village before being discovered by military personnel during the Vietnam conflict.

If coming to Pattaya a trip to this area is well worth the effort. Other interesting sites in the area are the temple near the Big Buddha and to the west Pratamnak Hill and Admiral Hill Viewpoint. There is also a fitness park on the north slope of the hill.

This photo shows the Big Buddha at a quieter time.

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Songkran 2010

Songkran is well and truly underway in Pattaya. Every time you step outside your door you risk being drowned. Some people love it others hate it.

There is no doubt that some people take it too far. Almost every time that it is taken too far it is a farang. They seem to great take great delight in drenching anyone who comes near them. Even those with small children, luggage and even those with obvious signs of injury are shown no mercy.

It is However a great experience and a must do event for anyone who enjoys Pattaya. These couple of photos were taken on Soi 8. They give some insight into the mayhem that occurs during the day during this festival.

If you do come for Songkran then please try to not follow the lead of the many farangs. It is probalby not a good idea to wet those going about their daily affairs. Small children should also be out of bounds. A lot of the bigger kids have a great time and the day should be from them. Even though I have seen it many times it is not a good idea to throw water in the face of someone riding a motorcycle.

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Pattaya New Year 2010

Well the Pattaya New Year has come and gone for another year. There were many people in town but not as many as previous years. There were markets along the beach side of Beach Road but not in Walking Street as in previous years.

This photograph shows Walking Street at 9:30 on the last day of 2009.

Pattaya New Year 2010

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